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Autologous Transplant This Technique transplants sample of hair genetically programmed not to fall from a donor site (generally the back of the head) & artfully transplant them on the balding recipient site (generally the areas around the temples and the top of the head). There, the transplants permanently retain the growth characteristics they had at the donor site. Since the donor and the recipient are the same person, there is no risk of rejection. The process in thus just a straightforward hair redistribution. The doctor will have a short-and-long term operating strategy designed to optimize the transplant as far as possible, based on the condition of the hair and the age of transplant patients.

Advantage of the Automated Technique:

Less Operative Tine

No Scar, No Stiches

Less Post Operative Pain

Excellent Quality Hair Graft with higher success rate

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Hair Transplant?

Ans. Hair Transplant is the method of hair restoration in which one’s own hair from the back and sides of the head are extracted & implanted on the front on the bald area.

Q. Who can undergo Hair Transplant ?

Ans. Any person more than 23 Yrs. with baldness

Q. Can females undergo Hair transplant?

Ans. Yes, they can undergo Hair Transplantation.

Q. What are the various techniques of Hair Restoration?

Ans. Hair Transplant is being done by Follicular Unit Technique which involves two ways of Hair Extraction – STRIP method and FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE)In the STRIP method, a strip of skin from the back of head (donor area) is removed with the help of SURGICAL KNIFE. The gap at the back of head is the sutured. The strips is then divided into grafts containing one, two or three follicles.

FUE – Follicular unit Extraction : A stitch less method of hair restoration in which hair root (follicles) are extracted from the back of head under local anesthesia with the help of special instruments and implanted in the bald area. In this procedure, no Knife is required for cutting skin in the ‘strip’ surgery. The entire procedure is done by the surgeons and not by technicians.

Automated FUE (European Technique) : Automated FUE is latest technique in which ROBOTIC machine takes follicular units and store them. With the help of implanting hand piece graft are placed in the bald area.

Advantage of Automated FUE is that there is minimal handling of Follicles so that survival rate is better. All Follicular unit are Uniform and Same Quality. Case can be finished in lesser time and Follicles are Subjected to less Trauma then simple FUE.

Q. Which is the minimal invasive way of Hair Transplant?

Ans. FUE Technique

Q. What is the difference in the post-op precautions of both techniques ?

Ans. In STRIP method, sutures are put at the back of head, so special precautions like sleeping in a particular position, refraining from exercise, avoiding strenuous, work etc are required till the stitches are out.

In FUE, the patient walks out of the clinic, rests for a while and is free to follow daily routine from next day. Even the bandage at the back of head is out the next day. As there are no sutures there is minimal pain post operation.

Q. When can one see the final results?

Ans. The hair start regrowing after 3-4 months. Full growth is usually appreciable after
10-12 Months.

Q. What is the life of transplanted Hair?

Ans. It is lifetime as the donor area is the permanent zone.

Q. Can I go to work next day of Operation?

Ans. Yes No down time required.

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