Dr. Dutt hair transplant clinic in Delhi is a center dedicated to hair transplant and facial cosmetic surgery. We are a unit of Dr. Dutt Hospitals which has been operating since 1982.

Reasons for which Patients from different parts of Delhi-NCR have chosen our Clinic, here we show the 6 points based on real opinions

First Reason: Surgeon of world prestige

Dr. Manas Dutt is a highly qualified surgeon and is certified for hair transplant in Delhi. He gained his International reputation after achieving excellent results with his patients, which include celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. He is one of the very few surgeons in Delhi who guarantee the results of the transplant for each patient. Dr. Dutt and his team can transplant more than 5,000 grafts (1, 2 and 3 hairs per graft) in a single procedure (our team is able to graft many more hairs but there is a limitation in the donor area).


Second Reason: Personalized treatment:

Our experience has shown us that each patient has individual needs. Then we provide personalized treatment to each patient (not a standardized one like that offered by most clinics in Delhi) From the beginning of the procedure to its end, Dr. Dutt is the only one in charge of performing the surgery (helped by our assistants). This differentiates us from many other clinics that operate using the name of a recognized surgeon but that, in reality, allow the surgery or part of it to be performed by any doctor. In fact, our patients have chosen us because they trust that only Dr. Dutt will treat them.

Third Reason: Very accessible rate:

Being located close to the heart of Delhi (New Friends Colony), we can offer high-quality hair transplant in South Delhi. Our accessible rate will be adjusted to the budget of any person who takes seriously the issue of ending baldness and seeks a high-quality surgeon to perform this delicate and artistic work.

Fourth Reason: Reliable treatment:

We have treated thousands of patients in our clinic who have been very satisfied with the results they obtained. As with any surgical procedure, there may be some rare case in which scarring does not occur as expected, but we are always there to guide and help the patient, even in those cases. Our treatment is painless, ambulatory and reliable. Patients will only need a visit to the doctor to perform the procedure.

Fifth Reason: Guaranteed painless procedure:

Dr. Dut guarantees the procedure painless. Our anesthesiologist will assist those patients who prefer to sleep (applying local anesthesia) during the procedure. Many patients also choose to listen to music during surgery.

Sixth Reason: Experience with all types of hair:

The preparation of all types of grafts (blond, dark, curly or straight hair) is done exclusively through the use of high-quality stereomicroscopes and is in charge of a group of well-trained and experienced technicians, who They have been working with us for many years.


Try us cause “we don’t just grow hair we grow your confidence too..!!