Frequently Asked Question About Hair Transplant 

According to Dr. Manas Dutt, who is a renowned doctor for best hair transplant in Delhi, people often seek following question’s answer:

Q. What is Hair Transplant?

Ans. Hair Transplant is the technique of hair grafting in which individual’s very own hair follicles from the rear and sides of the scalp are taken out & grafted on the top of the balding area.

Q. Who can go through Hair Transplant?

Ans. Any person with minimum age of 23 Yrs. with baldness

Q. Can women go through Hair transplant procedure?

Ans. Yes, women can go through Hair Transplantation.

Q. What are the various method of Hair Transplant?

Ans. Hair Transplant is getting executed by Follicle Unit Technique (FUT) that includes two methods of Hair Extraction – STRIP technique and FOLLICLE UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE). In the STRIP technique, a strip of skin from the backside of the scalp (donor area) is taken out with the assistant of a surgical knife. The space at the backside of the scalp is the sutured. The strips are after that separated into hair grafts including one, two or three follicles.

FUE – Follicle Unit Extraction: A stitch less technique of hair transplant in which hair follicles are taken out from the backside of scalp under general anesthesia with the assistant of specific tools and transplanted in the bald space. In this process, no Knife is needed for slicing skin in the strip surgery.

Q. Which is the minimally invasive method of Hair Transplant?

Ans. FUE Technique

Q. What is the difference in the post-op precautions of both techniques?


In STRIP technique, sutures are set at the back side of the head, so specific safety measures such as getting to sleep in a certain posture, distance from the workout, preventing intense work etc are needed until the stitches are removed.

In FUE, the individuals go out of the clinic, take rest for a while and is totally free to stick to day to day schedule from the following day. Even the bandage at the back side of the scalp is removed the following day. As there are no sutures there is a nominal pain after surgery.

Q. When can a person get the final results?

Ans. The hair begins regrowing after 3 to 4 months. Complete development is generally noticeable after 10-12 Months.

Q. What is the life of transplanted Hair?

Ans. The lifetime of transplanted hair lifelong as the donor area is the permanent zone.

Q. Can I go to work next day of Operation?

Ans. Yes, No resting period needed.