Dr. Manas Dutt is a famous surgeon for FUE hair transplant in Delhi. He has done more than 3000 hair transplant.

Follicle Unit Extraction is taking away of specific hair follicles to be grafted from one part of the scalp to different part where the individuals wish hair. It is a very modern process conducted by very few hair transplant surgeon where individual hair grafts are extracted one at a moment from the donor area without making a thread scratch as the stripping process does.

This modern non-invasive procedure is given by very few hair transplant clinic in Delhi. The factor is that not many hair transplant doctors are capable to learn this complicated procedure mainly because FUE needs unique know-how and correct training from the specialist in order to accomplish this treatment in a way to make results.
fue hair transplant in Delhi

This is the perfect method for individuals who desire to shave their heads because it actually leaves no noticeable scars in the donor area.

At Dr. Dutt Hair Transplant Center, famous for FUE hair transplant in Delhi, the procedure begins with local anesthesia of the hair transplant donor area. The extracted units are immediately transferred to technical members of the medical team for processing of the grafts. They make microscopic quality checks then separate and sort the follicular units. The last process of the procedure is opening the receiver areas and placing the grafts.

Hair Transplant Surgery – 9 Essential Skills

Our surgeons have in-depth expertise and skills in these techniques.

  • Hairline Design
  • Site Making
  • Punching
  • Extraction
  • Cleaning of Grafts Under Microscope
  • Storage of Grafts
  • Graft Distribution
  • Placing
  • Post Op Care

Candidates who choose the technique of FUE hair transplant in Delhi usually belong to at least one of the following categories:

  • People who plan to shave their heads or wear a really short hairstyle
  • People who desire smaller procedures of 1,400 grafts or less
  • People who believe FUE a considerably more innovative method
  • People who desire to enhance their donor options by combining FUE and Strip
  • People who fear surgery
  • Ideal for eyebrow or mustache replacement