A scar is an injury that occurs on the skin. It is a mark that remains in the dermis after skin regeneration of damaged tissue (injury, surgery, disease, acne …). Patients with visible scars (area of ​​the face, hands, legs) suffer from depression, anxiety and insecurities. Today it is possible to erase them from the skin, and in the most complex cases, it is possible to soften them with innovative minimally invasive techniques like laser scar treatment in South Delhi, which in many cases, avoids going through the operating room.

The number of sessions and the choice of laser will depend on the scar, its number and intensity, and it may be necessary between 3 and 6 sessions on average. In some cases, they can be erased almost completely, this will depend on the type of skin and the collaboration of the patient to the treatment together with the choice of the best scar treatment in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi by the treating doctor.

scar treatment in Lajpat Nagar

As for pain, this will depend on the patient’s pain threshold, but for this, local anesthetic methods are used. If it is in your plans to treat a scar, then you should know that any time of the year – except summer, due to the greater exposure to ultraviolet light – is ideal to carry it out, taking into account that in addition to the laser sessions, you must apply specific creams, in some cases cures and attend post laser phototherapy sessions to repair the tissue.

The most effective scar treatment in New Friends Colony, South Delhi will depend on the type of scar :.

– Hypertrophic scars: these are raised scars that are produced because there has been an exaggerated healing process. In this type of scars the objective is to flatten them as much as possible and hide their appearance. Normally these types of scars tend to respond quite well to laser scar treatment in South Delhi.

– Keloids: the so famous keloids are similar to hypertrophic scars but much more exaggerated, so that the resulting scar even exceeds the limits of the original scar, leaving a very bulky scar. These types of scars are caused in part by genetic factors, and are impossible to remove completely. However, today we can try to improve their appearance as much as possible, trying to flatten them so that they are at the level of normal skin. In this case, the fundamental treatment is local infiltration, and once we have achieved that the one who asks for it is as flat as possible, we combine it with a laser to improve its texture and appearance. It should also be noted that keloids can be reactivated from time to time, so maintenance sessions may be necessary if necessary.

– Normal scars: we refer to all those scars that are not pathological, that is, those that have occurred as a result of a wound, acne, a surgical intervention, etc., but that are more or less flat. In this type of scars it is essential to start treating them as soon as possible, since during the first year the healing process is not completely formed and therefore we can act on it more effectively. In these scars, the two most effective treatments are the fractional CO2 laser and the 1540 fractional laser, which remodel the collagen that is forming the scar so that its appearance improves as much as possible.

scar treatment in New Friends Colony

In all cases, it is essential to get the best scar treatment in Lajpat Nagar in the hands of an expert doctor in scar management, and act as soon as possible to obtain the most optimal results in our specific case.