Causes of Hair Loss Explained by Hair Specialists Delhi

Hair fall is the most common health issue among the new generation. It’s true that men have more probability to lose their hair than women mostly because of their male pattern baldness and genetics. But, in women, thinning hair and hair loss are common issues. However, the reasons can be varying from person to person, but extreme hair loss might require Hair transplant in South Delhi to cure the problem of its root.

Stress – Stress not just harms the physical and mental health of a person, but, it also affects the hair quality. Any sort of physical or mental trauma such as accident, a death of a close one, and long-term illness can lead to hair loss.

Hair loss treatment in Delhi

Pregnancy – Pregnancy is a phase in every woman’s life when she experiences several hormonal changes. Thus, this is one of the major reasons for temporary hair fall.

Lack of protein – Following a diet with less intake of protein can shut down the hair growth. This comes in notice after 2-3 months of fall in protein intake.

Anemia – Nearly one in 10 women undergo from anemia because of iron deficiency in their body, which is a definite cause of hair loss. This can be for both men and women.