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Hair Transplant in Delhi

Stages of Hair Loss and Baldness

Hairs are the crown of both man and woman. It is made up of a protein known as keratin produced in hair follicles in the external layer of skin. When the new follicles are produced, the old cells are pushed out from the skin. But, when the old follicles fall without the growth of new hair cells, it causes baldness which can affect a person’s physical appearance. At first, a person tries some medications to get new hair growth, but, when nothing seems working, he/she starts looking for the best hair transplant in Delhi solutions to get their confidence back. The Dermatologist in Delhi mentions that an average adult head consists of about 100,000 to 150,000 follicles and it is normal to experience a hair loss of up to 100 hairs a day.


The life cycle of hairs is categorized into three phases, i.e.

Anagen – dynamic hair growth that lasts for just two to six years

Catagen – temporary hair growth that lasts between two to three weeks

Telogen – this is a resting phase lasts for two to three months. In this phase a person experiences maximum hair loss, sometimes also result in temporary baldness, but, with new follicles, the life cycle begins again.

Dr. Dutt Hair Transplant Center is a leading hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Noida, Moradabad, and Meerut.


Are You Looking For FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi??


If you are suffering from hair loss, you are concerned about the insufficient growth of your beards, mustaches, if you want to have a fuller look for your hair, beard and mustache, if you want to a more hairy body, then you may be a good candidate for FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi. Hair follicles obtained with FUE method can be transposed to eyebrows as well. FUE is generally known for hair transplantation however it is possible to transfer the hair to any part of the body. The hair follicles obtained from different parts of your scalp can be transposed to any part of your body. Therefore if you are concerned about the insufficient growth of hair in any part of your body then you can have a better look with FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi.

Hair Transplant in Delhi


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimal encroaching method developed to obtain the hair follicles in an easier, faster and safer method. In this method, the follicles are pulled out one by one instead of (FUT). These are then grafted to the recipient area carefully in order not to damage the grafts. The angles of the grafted hair are the most crucial step in achieving a natural look.


FUE for Best Hair Transplant in Delhi is performed under local anesthesia. While operation you will be wide awake. In the first step; the strip of donor area is removed shaved in order to obtain the hair follicles efficaciously. In some cases, hair is not shaved. After getting the hair follicles out, they will be classified into subunits and counted. The channels to place the hair roots will be developed at the second step in a correct angle. At the third step, the hair roots will be grafted into these channels. You will be wide awake during the whole operation, in that period you can do whatever you want like you can watch TV, read a book etc. even you will be able to eat and drink during the operation.


After the operation by  Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi, your donor area will be covered with bandages which will be removed on the 3rd postoperative day. We will wash your head and teach you how to take care of the donor area and scalp area. You will be advised some products that you have to use after the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi.  You can see the complete results within the 9 months of period.


  • Natural look
  • Fast recovery
  • Under local anesthesia

hair transplant in Noida

Cure Hair Loss With Hair Transplant in Noida

Hair transplant is the last thing that people like to undergo when they suffer from hair loss or baldness. One reason for that it is a little bit expensive process and only a few people have the budget for this. In some cases, baldness is reversible and can be treated with the help of medicines but if the problem is genetically occurring, the best option to treat the condition is having hair transplant in Noida.

Here are the five reasons you must go for this transplantation surgery –

  • Male pattern baldness – Most of the men suffer from pattern baldness at the age of 20 and this may end when they reach the age of 30. This method is well proven and gives desired results.
  • Burn or scalp injuries – In some cases, people may lose their hair because of some head injury or burning. These are the areas which lose its capacity of hair growth. Then in such cases, this surgery is the most effective solution.
  • Female pattern baldness – Similar to males, some kind of female pattern baldness is also seen. As women have the more social quotient it becomes necessary for them to have the transplantation surgery to cover up the things.
  • Hair loss around incision site after cosmetic surgery – This is a problem usually faced by women who have undergone cosmetic surgery. The incision site may have hair loss, and it needs immediate treatment if that portion of the body is exposed.
  • When medicines fail to work – Some people can prevent hair loss, with the help of medicines. But in some cases the problems are hereditary and thus there is no effect of medicines on it. Even after trying different types of medications, transplantation surgery is required to treat the condition.

Hair transplant in Noida

We carry out best hair transplant in Noida not just to hide hair loss but to provide a complete cure for the problem. We provide permanent results to our patients and it is the most admired treatment that is worth your money and time. Have this transplantation surgery and enjoy the newer and enhanced look that can help you look younger.

best hair transplant in South Delhi

Get the Most Satisfactory Results with Hair Transplant in South Delhi

Hair loss is a major concern for the most of the generation due to a number of reasons including genes, family history, hormonal changes, scalp injuries, and pattern baldness. If you one among those experiencing the hair loss, then you are at right place to consult Dr. Dutt, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Dr. Dutt has done more than 3000 fue hair transplant in South Delhi. We offer best and guaranteed treatment for the best hair transplant in South Delhi as well. Dr. Dutt hair transplant clinic in Delhi is a center dedicated to hair transplant and facial cosmetic surgery. We have a team of the doctors and surgeons that undergo the latest and advanced hair transplant techniques, that is, FUE.

FUE Hair Transplant in South Delhi

Today, we are recognized as the best clinic for hair transplant in South Delhi completely dedicated to the advanced techniques of the transplant to give the best-in-class results. Dr. Dutt’s hair transplant center is regarded as the Delhi’s first clinic with the FUE technique treatment. Since inception, the team of doctors and surgeons at the Dr. Dutt hair transplant clinic has been providing incredible results with a minimum invasive method. The Doctor is known as the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi serving satisfactory results of the treatment that is 100% safe.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – The major difference between the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the traditional strip method is the procedure for extracting the follicular units. Under the FUE treatment technique, the hair follicles are extracted from the scalp by using a punch of less than 1 mm diameter. This technique is considered to be the best treatment till the date as individual follicular units are extracted rather than extracting in larger groups preventing the use of scalpel and stitching.

So, if you are looking for the best hair transplant in South Delhi, then visit us at least once and we will assure you with the best treatment at very affordable rates.

Get Rid From Baldness With Augmented Hair Transplant Services

Hair transplantation is the methodology of hair reclamation to halfway male pattern baldness. The surgery is finished with follicular units of hair which are removed from the contributor site and embedded in the beneficiary site. The procedure of hair transplantation normally performed on male example sparseness as the basic reason for male pattern baldness. The unions that constitute hair which is hereditarily impervious to hairlessness are utilized as a part of the hair rebuilding procedure

hair transplant in Noida

Balding is generally androgenic alopecia wherein a run of the mill example of male pattern baldness influences the hair of the whole scalp just excepting the back part. The back part will have the hair which will be impervious to sparseness. These hairs of the back part will principally serve as the giver amid the procedure of hair transplantation. Despite the fact that numerous analysts have concentrated broadly this male pattern baldness figure however just the nature and the reason for the same has been identified. There is no treatment or prescription created or found till now that can develop hair in the uncovered regions. Hair transplant in DelhiNoida is the most related system that is adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, the hair reclamation procedure ought to be shifted out just when the male pattern baldness has settled and there is no more male pattern baldness.

Hair transplantation is not an excessively intrusive surgical methodology and anybody having male pattern baldness may come round with perpetual hair reclamation. Some of the time hair transplant specialists approach patients to defer the surgery for changed reasons. These are exceptional cases. However with a specific end goal to check down the pointlessness of the hair transplantation surgery, one ought to let it all out just when the male pattern baldness has diminished and the hairlessness example has balanced out over a timeframe. Keeping in mind the end goal to get fruitful hair transplantation, it is important to discover hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Noida which not just will have the capacity to empower better scalp, however, the procedure utilized as a part of truly easy to understand and with these offers anybody some assistance with canning get free from hairlessness or male pattern baldness.


Hair Transplant Clinic in Meerut, What to Expect

Hairs are the valuable organs of our body, falling of hairs have been become a vital problem. Today, most of the people, both male and female are facing severe hair loss problems. The curing of hair fall issue can be solved backed by medical treatment. Generally, lost hair regain is the toughest thing because hair roots are completely gone to the scalp. Hair gain is possible with the help of drugs and can be restored by hair transplant procedure.

With increasing number of bald person in India, the demand of hair transplant in Meerut is much popular these days. It plays a crucial role in human’s personality and outlook. As you know that fall of hair is a common phenomenon among males as well as females and the common reason behind this is the increasing age, physical illness, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, natural factors or deficiency of certain vitamins and iron. Some people use wigs to hide their baldness it is the cap of artificial hair that covers your head area. Now it’s time to say bye wigs because transplantation of hair has come to help you in regressing your lost hair with natural, undetectable and amazing results.

Transplantation of hair is one of such technique that has developed over the years is the Follicular or FUE Unit Extraction technique. In this technique: The hair follicles or grafts are extracted individually from the high-density hair area or donor areas like beard, chest or other body parts and then implanted in the recipient area which is bald such as scalp, beard, mustache, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. These transplanted hairs grow like natural hairs. This restoration treatment is reliable, permanent, pain-free and safe. Now, this treatment is possible with the help of robotic surgery. It analyzes your healthy hair and extracted healthy graft carefully and hair specialist replaces it to the bald area. Hence, say bye to baldness by getting hair transplant in Meerut.


Planning For Hair Treatment Visit Hair Transplant Clinic in Noida

“Overall appearance matters a lot” if this is not admirable then the person may go into depression. Hair falling is now extremely common in men and they are very distress because of hair fall. Bad appearance due to hair fall may lose the confidences in front of people. Seventy percent of the populations in India are facing difficulty for the sake of hair fall. Hair transplant in Noida offers a wide variety of advanced techniques of hair transplantation which as more functional for those patients who have less hair on their heads.

For best hair transplant in Noida, you can find a clinic which is just a few miles away from your house. As you will find many clinics so you can consult someone as which one is beer and which one will give affordable service to people. As growing this problem most of the people concern the doctor for their regular damage in hair. Hair transplant clinic in Delhi is fulfilled with the latest technology and procedure you can have looked through the time and involvement. However, hair transplant surgery has jumped leaps and bound in recent years to make it a viable, safe and not too risky option for those suffering from male pattern baldness. In India, many Bollywood celebrities prefer hair transplantation for a better appearance like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and much more.

In Noida, they offer different types of transplant solutions and the cost of these treatments vary from each other. Cost depends on what type of surgery you are planning to have and some treatments are expensive while others are cheap. Type of surgery, the experience of the surgeon and the outcomes expected are some factors that affect the cost of the procedure. You can easily find the best surgeon in Noida by searching online. Getting hair transplant surgery is not much risk for your health that restricts you to take medicines. Some of the hair transplant procedures take a short time to recover while the others take more time. Hair Transplant in Delhi is one of the growing treatments nowadays.


Why Choose Dr. Dutt for Hair Transplant in Noida

Did you just decide to undergo a hair transplant surgery in Delhi, Noida? Well, I can help you through this wonderful blog post written just for you. The most important factor to get the right hair treatment is selecting a hair specialist in your area. If you are living in Delhi, Noida, you must visit Dr. Dutt Hair Clinic to get an advanced, effective and affordable hair transplant in Delhi.

It is important to carefully consider and analyze various factors contributing to the skills of the surgeon. Such as the treatment given to you, cost of treatment, days to recover etc. Before you finalize a hair surgeon, you can read about the hair transplant process, cost etc. Nowadays, there are various online sources where you can get the right advice on hair transplant.

Male pattern baldness is one of the challenging problems nowadays. It is recommended that individuals should make inquiries and do in-depth research as possible. Here are some of the tips for you –

Location Of The Clinic – If you are willing to visit a hair transplant clinic in Noida, you should make sure it is good for you. Will you be able to reach when required, and will it be near to your home etc?

Fee Of The Surgeon – When you opt for the hair transplant in Noida, make sure the fees of the hair surgeon is within your budget and before that, analyze the market also. The more the surgeon is recognized in the hair transplant field, the higher the expert charges are asked of you.

Additional Items/Add-ons – These additional items can be medicines, surgical equipment charges, other surgeons fees etc. Talk to your surgeon directly and if possible take it in writing.

After your hair transplant surgery, talk to your hair specialist and take menu for your daily diet and do not expose to the sun directly. Take tips and consultation to get better results.


Hair Restoration Process Making Individuals Life Yet Fashionable

FUE hair transplant in Delhi is one of the most advanced hair restoration process which leaves no scar after the procedure.

Into the procedure of best hair transplant in Delhi, sterile water is splashed onto the lines delicately to tidy up deposit blood and other liquid from the treated zone and a hand towel are utilized to wipe the temple however not touching the worked areas. The temple is incidentally secured with a delicate material to assimilate any dribbling liquids and a perfect headscarf is wrapped about the head to cover it up, while the patient strides out of the facility.

The patient is prepared to leave the hair transplant center when they fondle and about. In any case, even so, the patient feels aright, it is prescribed that they don’t commute home, or travel alone, on an open vehicle. An associate is prescribed to be with the patient on their way home. When the neighborhood anesthesia totally wears off; the patient is liable to feel a moderate or colossal measure of torment, for which the specialist will pack some agony relievers, for important use. The head is should have been kept raised, which incorporates that the patient can’t resist resting, yet utilize the backing of pads to lay down with their head up. Getting specialists to help is a fundamental part consequently hair transplant in Delhi is accepting gigantic prominence. The greater part of the general population is presently recapturing their hairs with the whole rebuilding process and carrying on with their life all the more exquisitely.


Leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Meerut

If you are facing baldness problem or your hairs are falling down on regular basis, then this the time, you must visit a hair transplant clinic in your area. Nowadays, the problem of baldness is very common and needs attention. Almost 50% of people around us are facing this problem and they seek help from a hair specialist.

Dr. Dutt Hair Transplant Center is one of the best and leading clinic for hair transplant in Meerut. The center is dedicated to offer advanced hair treatment for people in Meerut and nearby cities. We provide state of the art hair transplantation with FUE techniques.

In a short span of time, the clinic has achieved many milestones and became the trusted clinic in India for getting hair treatment at affordable cost. We have achieved amazing results from our minimum invasive techniques with amazing patient satisfaction.